Azienda Agricola Bellotto

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Bellotto Wine Farm


Azienda Agricola Bellotto, located near the town of Portogruaro (Venice), was founded in 1994 from the passion and sacrifice of Tersilo, who with the help of his wife Pierina and later of his sons Manuel, Giacomo and Federica, created the estate we know it today.
The company is entirely run by the family. The production, bottling and commercialization of its wines are directly controlled in a rigorous way, in order to guarantee the final consumer high quality standards and the full respect of a disciplined production.
Azienda Agricola Bellotto is careful to preserve and maintain the habitat where its vines are born and grow. For this reason, the cultivation does not involve invasive operations that could alter their delicate natural balance.

white and red wines Lison in the province of Venice